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Rob Rushforth - Lead Vocals & Guitar

Before forming Northern Rokk, Rob hadn't been involved in performing music since being in the band Avenging Force, a rock covers and original band formed whilst at school. Avenging Force went through various line-up and name changes before finally settling on the name 'Kraken'.
It was under this name that they started to hit the live scene in West Yorkshire including the 'world famous' Gas Club (more commonly known as The Gassienda these days.) That gig has gone down in local rock history for reasons I won't go in to. 

After Kraken split, Rob didn't get involved in performing music in public for a very long time. He had various projects going on but nothing that could quench his thirst for performing live. So now he's back and his energy in his live performances are not to be missed!



Chris Fusco - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Chris was relatively new to the live scene when he co-formed Northern Rokk with Rob. However, he has now established himself on the live scene after regularly gigging throughout Yorkshire.

Chris is very modest about his guitar playing but as anyone who has seen him play live will tell you, he is  awesome.  With his casual style of playing when live Chris makes it look  so easy and gets better each time you see him!


Justin 'JK'  Kelly - Bass Guitar & Vocals

Justin (JK to his friends) is one of the the more experienced members of the band. He previously played bass with Rock N Roll covers band The Boneshakers who played regularly across West Yorkshire. 

Unfortunately Justin's time with The Boneshakers was brought to a premature end due to musical differences. Justin wanted to go in the direction of no holds barred rock, however, the rest of the band were leaning towards the  blues/country rock. A split was inevitable!! 
Not one to sit about doing nothing JK joined another band in Leeds that he described affectionately as 'a bit gothy and depressing!' So he went searching for a rock band who needed a quality bass player and was lucky enough to find a band that were a little less 'gothy and depressing' As a band we are the lucky ones as Justin has a knack of picking up everything so quickly.



Matt 'Animal' Payne - Drumsmatt_drums

Matt has previously drummed with the band and we're delighted to have him back with us.

Matt has slipped seemlessly back in to the drumming duties with the band after his break of around two years. He is an incredibly talented musician and we're very lucky to have him back. He really takes us to the next level and if you havent seen him play, you realy should come check him out.

He's very modest about his talent and will take some serious persuading if you want him to play a drum solo.


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